5 Bridal Updos: Fabulous Wedding Hairstyles Ideas

An updo is a simple and elegant way to do your hair for your wedding. These five styles will appeal to every bride’s taste.

As a bride-to-be, you probably understand the importance of your wedding hairstyle. Many brides begin planning this months in advance to be sure they look their best on the big day. Updos are one of the most popular wedding hairstyles and for good reason—they are elegant, charming and work well with most wedding themes.


Here are
5 bridal updos that will never go out of style.

1. The Classic Ballet Bun Updo

Ballet buns are beautiful. In this hairstyle, medium-length and long tresses are pulled back to create a perfectly formed bun at the back of the head. Because the look is very simple and chic, these updos look great with accessories, such as flowers, wedding headpieces and veils.


2. The Classic French Twist Updo

Another beautiful and timeless classic, the French twist, is a wonderful option for the wedding day hairstyle. With this hairstyle, tresses are swept back and secured with pins into a charming twist at the back of the head. This works perfectly with medium hairstyles and can be dressed up a bit to look breathtaking. Decorative pins, flowers and tiaras are perfect with the classic French twist.


3. Prom Style Updo with Curls

This look is gorgeous whether you will be wearing a headpiece, veil or something else. Medium and longer-length hair is swept back and secured at the crown of the head. Then, the excess hair is curled and pinned to create a perfectly controlled but sophisticated look. To take this classic ‘prom style’ look and make it more mature and classy, sweep longer bangs over your forehead to one side and pin. This look can be worn with accessories, but stands alone quite beautifully.


4. Elegant Side Updo with Flowers or Accessories

Another very simple yet sophisticated and stunning look is the elegant side updo. Medium or long hair is smoothed to one side at the nape of the neck and secured with pins into a beautiful roll or bun. Bangs can be swept to the side as well, creating a more sophisticated look. This hairstyle is absolutely gorgeous with several small flowers or one large flower tucked in at the top of the roll. This is an especially beautiful hairstyle which complements bridal jewelry—although, it’s best to avoid a veil with this updo.


5. Messy but Chic Updo

For this hairstyle, the hair is brought back in sections starting with the top of the head. It is then secured with pins, yet wispy strands of hair are left sticking out. The look is continued all the way down the back of the head, creating a messy and very modern-chic look. This is a wonderful look for the modern bride who will not be wearing a veil. Headpieces look stunning with this updo and so does the bride!


Updos are classic and are always in style—no matter the season or theme of the wedding. Use these 5 wedding updo ideas to help get your creative juices flowing so you can decide on your own wedding hairstyle.

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