Pronovias 2013 Wedding Dress Collection

Pronovias 2013 Wedding Dress Collection

Being one of the most recognize spanish fashion groups, Pronovias sure knows how to make my style-loving heart go a-flutter with their strong architectural silhouettes combined with subtle feminine detailing and exquisite beaded trims. Every single piece on this collection ranges from the oh-so-cute to simply stunning.


Pronovias 2013 One-Shoulder Bridal Dress


Pronovias 2013 One-Shoulder Bridal Dress. DUCADO

Pronovias 2013 Mermaid Bridal Dress


Pronovias 2013 Mermaid Bridal Dress. DUENDE

Pronovias 2013 Ballgown Illusion Neckline


Pronovias 2013 Ballgown Illusions Neckline. DOMINIC

Pronovias 2013 Bridal Dress Style GUITARRA


Pronovias 2013 Bridal Dress Style GUITARRA


Pronovias 2013 Bridal: Glamour Collection

I’m a fan of Pronovias and I’m quite excited to share their beyond-gorgeous 2013 Preview Bridal Collection with you.
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Source: Pronovias 2013 Wedding Dress: Glamour Collection

Where to buy Pronovias 2013 Bridal Dresses

Pronovias-2013-Wedding-Gown-DORADO1.jpgClick here to find nearest store (US & Canada)

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