Tropical Wedding Flowers

Tropical Wedding Flowers

Use recommendations from other vendors, bridal associations, other brides who have had first hand experience and wedding planners or event coordinators at a destination where you are planning to have your wedding. Hopefully, they will have pictures of past beach weddings that they have done.
Sometimes speaking with other brides who have used their services can be helpful.

Birds Of Paradise Wedding Flower

Beach-Wedding-Birds-Of-Paradise-Flower.jpgThe reception tables featured a variety of centerpieces made up of birds of paradise, orchids, and bamboo reeds, and other tropical flowers and foliage.
(Floral design:

Birds of paradise Centerpieces


Birds of paradise set in blue crystal gel, accented with sea shells and votives.

( Geranium Lake Flowers:

Green Goddess Calla Lilies Centerpieces

A great way to make an artful impact with just a few stems: Place loops of Green Goddess calla lilies and lily grass inside a clear, sleeve-like vase.

(Floral design by Ovando,



Bridal Bouquet Of Orchids

Wedding-bouquet-of-orchids.jpgBouquet of orchids, pincushion proteas, calla lilies, and hypericum berries.
(Floral design:

Pink Calla Lilies

Wedding-miniature-pink-calla-lilies.jpgBridesmaid wore a navy Priscilla of Boston dress and carried a nosegay of miniature pink calla lilies.

Phalaenopsis Orchids

orchids-and-tulips-bouquet.jpgArrangement of phalaenopsis orchids, mango callas, dahlias, mokara orchids, and tulips.

(Waterlily Pond:


Round Bridal Bouquet of Calla Lilies and Orchids

White/off-white Real Touch calla lilies, purple Real Touch vanda orchids and crystal accents. Size: Approx 10.5″ wide, 11″ tall
(Sharon Nagassar Designs:


Wedding Bouquet made with Bird of Paradise

Bridal-Bouquet-made-with-Bird-of-Paradise.jpgBird of Paradise Bouquet on the beautiful east coast of Oahu, Hawaii.

(Design: Strigl Design)

Green Cymbidium Wedding Bouquet




It is one of the most popular and desirable orchids in the world because of the beautiful flowers. Green Cymbidium Bridal Bouquet (including boutonniere): $240.00

(Hawaii Wedding Flowers:


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